Sunday, 19 October 2014


So it's been quite a while. I celebrated my third blog birthday in July and then skulked off into the blogging shadows for about 4 months. I’m an erratic blogger at the best of times but that’s taking the biscuit. So I’m not sure if there’s anyone still knocking around these parts. But I thought I’d try and kick things off again by going back to basics with an outfit post and taking it from there.

These pictures were taken at Traquair House about an hour outside of Edinburgh – home to a brewery we were too late to visit but also a wonderful labyrinth that I’ve been dying to get lost in for some time now. The day turned out to be a bit of a wash out with torrential downpours but on the plus side we had the labyrinth to ourselves. Though the urgency of trying to find your way out of a labyrinth is increased ten fold when it starts lashing down and you’re umbrella’less!

It’s still autumn in Edinburgh and the temperatures have been hovering in the double figures but I’m the kind of person who still brings a hot water bottle to bed in the month of July so my winter woollies tend to come out from late September. I’m much more comfortable dressing in several chunky layers than pared down summer outfits so this is my typical outfit from late September onwards – when I happily forego any more failed attempts at pulling off pastels and summer florals. So yay for chunky winter fabrics and hues!

Outfit details: Coat, warehouse; skirt, Jigsaw; jumper, Hobbs; scarf, Topshop; bag, vintage; boots, Kurt Geiger.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Happy Third Blog Birthday To Me

This blog hit the grand ol’ age of three several days ago. It’s practically a pensioner at this point! As with the two previous years though, posting hasn’t always been very frequent or regular but I’ve inevitably kept drifting back to this space at some point. This last 12 months has seen less change on paper in my life than previous years – I’m still living in the same city for one thing – but I feel like bigger soul searching changes have been afoot and I feel a lot more settled into myself, my 30s and life in general these past few months.

So I thought I’d do a mini recap of a couple of the highlights from this past year – from favourite outfits to favourite adventures at home and abroad and with a couple of pictures of my cat Midge thrown in for good measure.

Favourite Outfits

Patterns have dominated my wardrobe this past year as in previous ones but I have been trying to pile them on top of each other a little less and to introduce more simple basics. I don’t think the high street caters very well for us women in our early 30s though – unless you’re a very well off 30-something-year-old but even then quirky prints are in short supply and things can be a little too proper and strait-laced. Vintage clothes are always a good port-of-call but I don’t find Edinburgh particularly good for vintage shopping (if there are any locals reading please feel free to challenge me on this!).

My style has been in flux this past year though and I’ve been gravitating more towards a simpler style of dressing – having said that I’ll probably always have a weak spot for a quirky print.

Scottish Highlights

I still feel like part tourist part local in Scotland – largely helped by having so many friends and family visit over the past year ensuring adventures aplenty. And if I can combine a fun outing with a side helping of quirkiness and photographic potential then I’m trebly happy. Some of the highlights have been trips to Camera Obscura (I think I’ve been three times this past year), a trip to the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry, afternoons exploring the ruins of Blackness Castle and Linlithgow Palace and a jaw-dropping stroll around Jupiter Artland Gardens.

Foreign Highlights

From Norway to London to New York I’ve been really lucky to have had some amazing holidays this past year. Norway had some of the most breath-taking scenery I have ever seen, London was a whirlwind weekend of vintage shopping, culture-gorging and bar hopping and New York was all of the above but with breath-taking urban scenery in place of the fjords!

The Best of the Rest

So in between work, holidays and other adventures were the quieter moments with Midge snuggled on my lap (or possibly in a box/plastic bag nearby!) and a book or the latest crochet project in hand. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about feeling more settled into my 30s and I definitely feel like my priorities have shifted. I still enjoy going out and having fun but I crave down time more than ever too – though I then paradoxically try and cram that downtime chocker block full of hobbies as another side effect of hitting my 30s for me has been a sense of time being very precious and not wanting to squander it! 

So hopefully this time next year I'll be recapping on another 12 months in this space - though perhaps with a couple of less prints in my wardrobe, a few more posts on cats, crochets and books and hopefully a lot of other adventures in between. So thanks to any followers new or old and hopefully you'll stick around for another bit.

PS: If you care to check out recaps of previous years you can find them here and here.